Why “BTHM”?


You’ve secretly wanted to make money as a practicing metaphysician or find a way to apply it to your current work.

You’re bored with your life and/or career and need to up the ante with some new psycho-spiritual tools.

You’re at a major crossroads in life and are searching for direction and inspiration.

You have issues with self-esteem, body image, assertiveness, and self-expression.

You’re totally creatively blocked.

You’ve reached an impasse.

You’re sick of feeling half-alive and half dead.

You have heaps of fears that hold you back from doing what you truly love.

You’re only tapping into a fraction of your true power.

You’re sick of living in your head or “going through the motions” riddled with anxiety.

You’ve always had a secret interest in metaphysics but had nowhere to study.

You want to tap into your artistic/creative potential without going to art school.

You want to understand how people tick without enrolling in a dry Psychology program.

You sense that you’re intuitive, perhaps even psychic but have no idea how to access it responsibly—or are terrified of it.

You’re deep in the throes of an identity crisis.

You have lingering sexual issues that wreak havoc on your relationships or seem to block you from having any that last.

You’re finally ready to delve into who you truly are.


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