“BTHM” Pricing

Mastery of the Ancient Healing Arts

Full Year-Tuition for BTHM Level 1 Certification:

$3,600 for 12 months


BTHM Level 1 Manual

12 weekend Intensive Training Courses

Level 1 Certification

Enrollment in the year-long training course

Special check-in sessions once a month

Personal training with Sherene and Katelan as well as guest speakers.and discounts to private consultations and readings as well as guest speakers.
Online forum where you will have full access to the teachers, guest speakers, and other participants of the program.

Certification in the Healing Arts which you can use in your life and in your own practice.

Priestess Kit
Spiritual Cleansing Goods by Moxie and Mojo
Peruvian Star Flower Essences

Individual Module Workshops:

$1,000 per module (Fire, Air, Water, Earth)

Deposit Information:

A deposit of $300 reserves your space for each module

A deposit of $600 holds your space for the year

Deposit due no later than June 1, 2009 for  BTHM Level 1 certification.

Online Certification Course:


This is an investment in yourself, so don’t be a cheapskate! This twelve month certification program chock- full of metaphysical gems that you will use for the rest of your life is less than most offensively dry college courses.

For Deposits on courses please use paypal button below or email us at BTHMcertification@gmail.com to set up another method.

Cancellation Policy:

We rely on your attendance to make important arrangements for the workshop. If a participant needs to withdraw from a workshop, she must inform us no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the scheduled workshop. We will then refund your deposit or tuition, which ever is applicable, minus a $100 cancellation fee. Refunds cannot be made for withdrawals initiated within two weeks of the first day of the scheduled workshop. Refunds cannot be made for participant no-shows.

Participants withdrawing from a workshop may also choose to put their current workshop payment on hold for one year. If for any reason you wish to hold the fee or transfer to a different workshop, please notify us at least 30 days before the start of the workshop you wish to withdraw from. You may only make one transfer per hold at a charge of $25. We reserve the right to allow or disallow any transfer. You must register for a new workshop within 12 months of the withdrawal. If you do not register for a new workshop within one year, you will be refunded the money you paid minus the $100 cancellation fee.


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