“BTHM” Online Certification

If you reside outside of the tri-state area or are unable to attend the NYC intensives in person, BTHM is offering an online version of the coursework.

Online Certification Course Includes:

BTHM course maunal (Outline)

International online forum

Individual consultations with Katelan and Sherene via phone or Skype

Priestess Kit: 

Moxi and Mojo Spiritual Cleansing

Your Horoscope (Natal Chart)

Peruvian Flower Essences

Aromatherapy Oils

Ayurvedic  Diagnostic Reading

Ayurvedic Formulas 

Providing the flexibility of an online education.

  • Complete coursework through electronic forums.
  • Receive lectures, questions and assignments from Katelan and Sherene electronically. Study them at your convenience.
  • Login at least two days per week for BTHM classes. You choose the days and times.
  • Access online articles from BTHM guest speakers.
  • Collaborate on additional assignments with other students of BTHM.

For a complete listing of the certification coursework please see modules (Fire, Air, Water, Earth).


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